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The DIY Plan

If you’re comfortable using WordPress, or you’re willing to learn by following some simple instructions, you can set up your own site. It takes some time to upload pictures and lists of attorneys, but once you feel your way around the system it becomes more natural. There is no cost for this and you have complete control over the content of your site. Just answer a few questions below – will send you login instructions and you’ll be on your way.


The Watch and Learn Plan

Lawyers are busy people – and volunteering to serve as president of your County Bar Association takes even more time. If you don’t have time to spend learning WordPress all at once, can help. We can launch the site, customize the content for your association, upload your images, add lists of attorney members, and whatever else you want done at launch.

When something changes or you want to add new content, we’ll do it and show you how. You watch and learn how to manage the content on your site until you no longer need our help. This service is currently free, but as use of our site increases, there may come a time there will need to be a fee.


The Custom Plan can create a custom plan for your needs. We can handle everything from setup to News and Events and everything in between. We can manage your member list, send email updates, add content, answer attorney referral requests – all at your direction – and anything else you want us to do. Contact us today to discuss a plan that works for your association.



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