Advertising Rates limits the amount and kind of advertising on each site to prevent inappropriate content.  Each site has reserved advertising space. The maximum number of ad spaces allowed on any site is currently 10. One ad is randomly displayed each time someone visits the page. Purchasing one ad space means your ad is generally displayed once in ten times a page is viewed.  Purchasing more of the ad spaces means your ad will be seen more frequently.  Purchasing all 10 ad spaces means your ad will be seen on each page each time it is viewed.

Ads can be a maximum of 300 px wide and any reasonable length. The ads can contain contact information or a link to your website. You can send the image or we can help with design.

Ad rates are a flat rate.  We do not currently offer pay-per-click or other forms of advertising based on site traffic.  Rates as of September 6th, 2012 are:

$29.99 per month

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